The Million Dollar Run Story

It was around four years ago while running a company I own with my wife Sonia, that we were approached by Linda & Kate Turner along with Zlatko Kopecki and Laraine Frost to see if we were interested in supporting them to raise awareness for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and help to fundraise for The Butterfly Children around Australia.

For those of you who are not yet aware Kate Turner suffered from a very serious case of EB but was also an inspiring and dedicated ambassador for DEBRA Australia doing all she could to help in raising funds for a cure as well as raising awareness of EB around the country. Her mother Linda Turner and former secretary of DEBRA SA Laraine Frost were by her side on this first day when we all spoke, along with Zlatko Kopecki who has spent many years tirelessly researching for a cure of this dreadful disease that sees these beautiful children born into a life of constant pain.

It was incredibly difficult not to become very emotionally effected by their journey and story of courage and selflessness and it was also on this day that we committed to helping in any way we could to raise funding and awareness for DEBRA Australia.

Nearly five years later it seems that the journey for all of us still continues with a focus to make a difference for the lives of The Butterfly Children living with EB on a daily basis.

Sadly though, last year at just 26 years old Kate Turner passed away…

It was around this time that the idea of The Million Dollar Run was born…

This Nearly 2900km Adelaide to Brisbane Solo Charity Run for DEBRA Australia Incorporates Approximately 5 Marathons / Week For 3 Months & Has One Clear Objective - To Raise A Minimum Of 1 Million Dollars For The Courageous & Inspirational Butterfly Children Around The Country...

Traveling With My Wife & 8 Year Old Daughter On This Epic Journey, Leaving Adelaide On The 31st July 2016 - Along With My Support Team In Tow... I Will Endeavour To Not Only Raise These Desperately Needed Funds For The Butterfly Children But Also Raise Awareness Of This Dreadful Disease Known As E.B. Which Only Effects Around 1000 Sufferers In Australia Who Are Born With, & Live Every Day Of Their Lives Covered In Blisters While Enduring A Life Of Constant Pain…

So Please Follow This Journey & Find It In Your Heart To Donate All That You Can – This Is A Cause That Is So Incredibly Worth Supporting…

Living with EB

A Video Glimpse Of What Life Is Like Living With EB

Linda Turner, Kate Turner & Laraine Frost

Adelaide to Brisbane Itinerary

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Supporters & Sponsors

DEBRA Australia

Linda Turner

Larraine Frost

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2XU Performance Centre Norwood

The Running Company

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Steven Murphy – PR Manager

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Esha Dwight - My Nutritionist

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& Of Course,

My Forever Supportive Wife Sonia &

My Beautiful Girl Tiffany…

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